Welcome to Community Living BC Privacy and Information Management Training!

Whether you are a front-line worker, a manager, a homeshare provider, a behavioral consultant, an agent of an Individualized Funding contract, an administrative employee, or a respite worker, this privacy training is for all employees and subcontractors of agencies who provide services to CLBC-eligible individuals.


Read the following:

Shirley is the homeshare provider for John, an individual receiving CLBC services. John’s brother, who Shirley knows well, called her and asked for John’s new cell phone number.

If you were in Shirley’s situation, what would you do? Write down a few ideas.

Shirley gave John’s brother his new cell number. But John and his brother had a recent falling out, and he did not want his brother to contact him. John was upset and became distrustful of Shirley

Knowing what information is private, and how to appropriately share this information and with whom, is vitally important for the people in your care.

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