Editorial Board

The CLBC Editorial Board is made up of self advocates and community living leaders from across the province. The role of the Editorial Board is to work with CLBC to improve communication with the people CLBC serves and ensure meaningful participation of individuals and families in the on-going work of CLBC.

Some of the projects where the Editorial Board has provided input and guidance are:

  • CLBC’s website
  • Celebrate Diverse Abilities magazine
  • Accessibility, design and content of the CLBC website
  • Self Advocate Net
  • Community Living Month Events
  • CLBC Annual Reports
  • Widening Our World (WOW) Awards
  • CLBC’s Twitter and Facebook pages
  • CLBC publications and documents
  • Self Advocate Speaker’s Bureau
  • CLBC / BCGEU Scholarship Fund

You can read the Editorial Board’s Terms of Reference.

If you would like to contact the Editorial Board, or are interested in becoming a member, please email Jessica.Humphrey@gov.bc.ca