CLBC Strategic Plan – 2022 to 2025

A plan you helped create, for a future we’ll build together

CLBC has launched a new Strategic Plan 2022-25, a guiding document for our work over the next three years. We’re imagining bigger dreams in community living where everyone in B.C. experiences communities of belonging and has lives with connection.

We created the plan with individuals, families and service providers to inspire people about the future, and to focus our activities on what’s most important. The plan is helping us to strengthen our relationships with the individuals and families we serve, and to ensure that our actions align with our commitment to the Rights of Indigenous peoples.

On December 3, 2023, CLBC released the first year report on the progress of our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. Learn more and read the report here.

Hear from our CEO Ross Chilton about why we created this plan:

Look at our new vision and goals:

Download the Strategic Plan on a Page here.

Read the full plan:

Download CLBC’s 2022-25 Strategic Plan document here.

Our vision: Communities of belonging, lives with connection

CLBC believes we have a collective responsibility as citizens to enhance our communities so that everyone belongs. Our vision is for everyone in British Columbia to experience communities of belonging, and lives with connection.

In communities of belonging, everyone, including people with developmental disabilities, has opportunities to meaningfully connect, participate and contribute. This is the ultimate future we want to create through our work together.

Watch this short video below to learn more about our vision, and to hear what self advocates, families and service providers think about the Strategic Plan. You can hear from CLBC staff on what CLBC’s values mean to them here.

Created with more than 500 voices (and counting)

We developed the Strategic Plan together with more than 500 individuals, self advocates, families, service providers and partners from across the province. Our goal was to create a vision that reflects the needs of the people we serve.

We want to continue to learn from individuals, self advocates and families about how we can make our plan stronger. The strategic plan is a living document, which means that we can make it better over time using feedback and input from the community we serve.

Now, we need your help to turn the plan into action

It will take everyone working together to create more communities of belonging, and lives with connection.

Curious how you can get involved? Here are ways you can help:

Look at our new vision and goals:

Download the Strategic Plan on a Page and learn about the new vision and goals.

Tell us what our vision and goals mean to you:

Send us an email and tell us what you think about the new vision and goals. What do they mean to you?

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