​Board of Directors

The Board of Directors’ role is to oversee the organization and its operations within the overall policy, mandate and budget set by the provincial government. The Board works with Management to establish an overall strategic direction for the organization and to ensure appropriate community consultation. The Board also regularly reviews the organization’s short- and long-term plans and significant issues affecting the organization, and evaluates organizational results.

Who appoints the board?

Board Members are appointed by the Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, for a term not to exceed three years. The Minister may renew a Board Member for one additional term, also not to exceed three years.

How does the board operate?

The Board Governance Manual defines the roles and responsibilities and the processes for accountability of the Board, the Board Chair, Directors and the CEO. It also establishes guidelines that outline how the Board will carry out its duties of stewardship and accountability. The Board Manual incorporates the Board’s responsibilities as set out in the Community Living Authority Act (CLAA) and the Organization and Procedure Bylaws.

Visit the Board Governance Manual section of our website for Board policies, terms of reference and accountability documents.

Can I attend the meetings?

Yes, the Board welcomes members of the public to attend the Board Meetings and has set aside time at the beginning of each Board Meeting to hear public presentations or to answer questions from the public. CLBC now has the ability to allow people to participate remotely, as well. To do so, you must first register for the meeting. For information about Board Meetings and how to register to attend remotely, please visit the Board Meetings Schedule and the Get Involved sections of our website.

Are the agendas and public presentations available?

If you are not able to attend a meeting in person, but you are interested in what happened, you can access an archive of Board Meeting minutes and presentations from the public on our website in the Board Minutes section.

Contact the Board

If you cannot attend an Board Meeting, and wish to contact the CLBC Board or Board Chair directly, you can:

Send us an email at any time to: messagetoclbcboard@gov.bc.ca.

Or write to us at:

CLBC Board of Directors
7th Floor, 1200 West 73rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6P 6G5