Provincial Advisory Committee

A group of people, some standing and some in wheelchairs, pose for a photo. There is service dog with one of the people using a wheelchair. One person appears on a screen behind them through a video feed.

Members of CLBC’s Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC).

The Community Living Authority Act requires CLBC’s Board of Directors to have an Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee provides information and advice to the Board to assist with its governance and decision making. In fulfilling this purpose, the Committee:

  • Ensures two-way communication between Community Councils and the Board by acting as a link to the Board on both successes and concerns identified by Community Councils that have provincial implications for CLBC and those it serves
  • Recommends improvements to policy and practice for Board and CLBC staff consideration to enhance the quality of life for people served by CLBC

The Advisory Committee is made up of a single member from each Community Council. Members are appointed for up to two years, but can be re-appointed for up to two more years. The Board may appoint a member at large to ensure there is a member of Aboriginal heritage. The Committee meets four times a year.

Watch this video to hear from Provincial Advisory Committee members about their role.

Two CLBC Board members attend all meetings but do not vote. They act as a linkage to the Board by updating the Committee on the Board’s work and reporting the Committee’s work to the Board.