Other Relevant Policies

In this section of the website you can read CLBC Quality Assurance, Privacy and Organizational policies.

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Quality Assurance Policies

Adult Guardianship and CLBC

Bathing Guidelines Policy

Behaviour Support and Safety Planning Policy

Complaints Resolution Policy

Criminal Record Check Policy: Service Delivery

Critical Incidents Policy

End-of-Life Policy

External Reviews Policy

Legal Requirement Policy


Open Board Meetings Policy

Role of Formal and Informal Representatives Policy

Standards for Home Sharing Policy

Supports to Shared Living Policy

Travel Outside of BC with CLBC-Funded Services Policy

Privacy Policies

Access to Personal Information for Research Purposes Policy

Confidentiality and Information Sharing Policy

Information Incidents including Privacy Breaches Policy

Organizational Privacy Policy

Protection of Information Policy

Right to Access Personal Information Policy

Organizational Policies

Conflict of Interest Policy – Employees

Funding for Housing Costs Policy

Theft, Fraud and Corruption Policy