South Island Community Council

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CLBC Community Councils have a dynamic mission to encourage, inspire, lead and support inclusion and the participation of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of the community where you live and work.

The South Island Community Council (SICC) is one of 13 Community Councils across the province. The SICC has a membership of self-advocates, family members of the people CLBC serves, service providers and community members. Our area includes the southern portion of Vancouver Island, from Port Renfrew through to Victoria and the Gulf Islands, and northward as far as the Malahat.

SICC members volunteer time to the Council for a period of 2 or 3 years. Our mission is to create, sustain and nurture the mutual sharing of information, action, decision-making and accountability between local CLBC management and community, towards the collective vision of “Communities of belonging, lives with connection” for the people CLBC serves. Since 2007, our Council has had success in helping to develop self advocate leadership opportunities, providing input into CLBC’s three-year employment strategy, conducting consultations to inform CLBC’s aging strategy, contributing to improvements to CLBC’s system of supports, as well as the way it works with Councils.

Interested in joining the South Island Community Council?

The South Island Community Council is looking for new members to join as we help make a difference in the lives of the people CLBC serves in the South Island with a focus on community inclusion and engagement, transitioning youth, and employment.

Click here to read more about this opportunity, and if you are interested in joining the SICC, please contact:

Your Community Council at work

Council plan guides work for the year ahead

This last year, the SICC completed a new work plan to guide its work until 2017. The plan has four major goal areas and related strategies focusing on employment, community inclusion and engagement, transitioning youth, and strengthening the Council.

In the area of employment, the SICC hopes to support and enhance CLBC efforts to increase employment of people with developmental disabilities. The Council is promoting the CLBC Community Action Employment Plan (CAEP) and other local and provincial employment initiatives. This is primarily being done by engaging with the community in support of increased employment of people with diversabilities.

Closely related is the goal of improving transition planning and smooth service implementation for youth turning age 19, prioritizing education and employment as a focus for transitioning youth. The SICC hopes to build connections to secondary and post-secondary educators, businesses, and employment services to promote expanded opportunities for transitioning youth with disabilities.

The SICC continues to work with CLBC in efforts to spur innovation and build inclusive communities. The SICC’s Community Inclusion and Engagement Committee is actively working with various groups (First Nations, immigrant communities, and others) to make the Victoria CRD and Sourthern Gulf Islands more inclusive for all people.

Finally, the SICC is working on diversifying its own membership and better supporting self-advocate leadership. The Council wants to act as an axis point for community and CLBC and is well positioned to do so given its membership of self-advocates, family members, service providers, and community members.

Council news & events

Stay tuned for news updates from the South Island Community Council.


  • South Island Community Council Fact Sheet – A one-page sheet with information about what we do, who we are, how people can join and key contact information.
  • Recruitment Ad – A call for volunteers to join the SICC, including information about our work and communities from which we hope to gain new members.

Upcoming meetings

The South Island Community Council Meets on the second Tuesday of every month (except for July, August and December).

Meetings time: 4:00pm
Meeting Venue: Victoria CLBC Office at #220 – 174 Wilson Street, Victoria, BC (Phone: 250-952-4203)