Baking up something new

Trying new activities, like baking for his family, has helped Jake stay positive during the pandemic.

by Jake Webster (South Surrey)

I am 23 and I live in South Surrey with my mom, dad and sister, and my dog and cat. I really like hanging out and talking with my friends and going on adventures with my community support staff from Semiahmoo House Society. I am proud of my landscaping job. I do lawn and garden work. I also enjoy the recycling work I do with my friend Dylan. But I can’t do most of these things right now because of COVID.

I like being at home too. Which is good cause I’ve been doing a lot of it lately. I work around the house with mom and dad. They say I’m really helpful.

It’s hard to be at home all the time. My days are not as full as they used to be. I am really missing being with my friends.

One thing that helps me during COVID is to try something new, something I’ve never done before. Like when my dad and I decided to use some of the bananas in the freezer and bake banana bread for the first time.

It was totally my idea. I googled “easy banana bread,” printed out the recipe and gave it a try. The results were AMAZING! It made me proud to slice a piece of banana bread for my mom. She said it was the best banana bread she ever had.

Sometimes trying something new can be hard and not work so well. I tried Zoom and I felt shy, but I’m going try again. And sometimes trying something new can be fun and work really well, like baking banana bread.

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