Facing challenges together

Ross Chilton, CLBC CEO

Ross Chilton, CLBC CEO

Welcome to the Winter 2021 Edition of Celebrate Diverse ABILITIES magazine. As we move in to this new year, the world and our lives look a lot different than they did one year ago. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented all of us with challenges over these past many months. While there is positive news with B.C.’s vaccination rollout now underway, it is still very important that we continue to do everything we can to keep ourselves and others safe. For many of us, this has meant we need to find new ways to help us remain strong in the face of ongoing challenges. The CLBC Editorial Board chose the theme “Resilience” for this edition to show different examples of ways people are keeping themselves and others strong and connected during this time.

The stories in this edition, told by self advocates from across B.C., demonstrate the many ways people are staying resilient, from creative outlets like writing comic books, to new hobbies like baking or taking part in virtual kickboxing classes, to simple things like just being there to talk to each other.

You can read about self advocate groups who are leading connection activities and events, with support from CLBC. There is also an excellent story about working together to create an online hub where people can learn, find resources, stay engaged and connect virtually. I hope you enjoy reading the stories in this edition as much as I have.

CLBC also understands that keeping the individuals and families we serve informed, updated and connected is very important. We continue to host monthly teleconferences, along side partners in government, that people can join to get the latest information and hear answers to their questions. Recordings and plain language summaries of these calls can be found on the COVID-19 information section of our website. Recently, we have also added other resources, like a list of mental health and wellness supports available in B.C., as well as a Toolkit for Connection to help people stay safe, strong and connected.

You can read more about this in the News section here. There you can also learn about the new Minister responsible for CLBC, as well as CLBC’s new Executive Director of Indigenous Relations, and recently announced provincial funding that will help the people CLBC serves return to work.

Thank you again for reading this edition. I hope the stories provide some positive inspiration as we face these challenging times and look forward to a brighter future ahead.

Ross Chilton,
CEO, Community Living BC

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