Find fitness and friends at your rec centre

“I totally recommend that everyone connects with their local recreation centres.” – Kellie-Ann Hart (with Meaghen, her former CLBC facilitator)

This past June I applied for a City of Coquitlam Access One card pass. I pay $10 each year and it’s so worth it! I get free, unlimited drop ins and two free classes a year.

I’ve been working out in the gym three times a week and doing Aquafit twice a week. I started as a beginner but am now an Aquafit plus member. It’s a great and speedy challenge! I’m doing aerobics once a week too. It’s a low impact practice with music, weights, stretching, cardio and warm up/cool down. I really enjoy doing it!

I’ve met some great people who are now friends. We chat together and I feel part of the group, not an outsider.

I always get asked how I’m doing, given kind reminders if I need to do something differently, and the instructors are great. The instructors remind me to drink lots of water, go at my own level and have fun.

In September, I started my line dancing class. I’m excited to dress up country style and dance it up. Yeehaw! In the future I’m excited to take an art class and more line dancing classes.

I totally recommend that everyone connects with their local recreation centres. It’s so worth it, especially on cold rainy days to feel warm and fit.

Just do it. You’ll feel great!

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