Resilience is a part of us

CLBC Editorial Board Members, from left to right: Vanessa Mendoza (Vancouver), Lee Kissinger (Victoria), Amber Rainshadow (Victoria), Erin Murphy (Vernon), Katie Moore (Coldstream), Carrie Derickson (Richmond), Bryce Schaufelberger (Mission).

Hello! We are the CLBC Editorial Board made up of self advocate and community living leaders from across the province. Our role is to work with Community Living BC (CLBC) to improve communication with the people they serve and to find ways to share the stories and contributions of people with diverse abilities in B.C. Working together on this magazine has been one way to let CLBC, and the broader community, know what we think is important.

The theme for this Winter Edition of Celebrate Diverse ABILITIES is “Resilience.” We have collected stories from around the province about what ‘resilience’ means to people with diverse abilities and the different ways people are staying safe and strong during COVID-19.

For us on the Editorial Board, resilience is about hanging in there, not giving up, being strong and determined no matter what. That doesn’t mean we don’t all have hard times and need others to believe in us and support us when we are down. This is especially true right now, when many people are tired and bored and lonely. But remember, resilience is nothing new for people with diverse abilities. Resilience is part of our everyday lives. We have it in us.

We hope you enjoy these stories that remind us how resilient we really are and how when we work together with our friends, family and community, amazing things can happen that make us stronger, even during a global pandemic.

The CLBC Editorial Board

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