University changed my life

“Inclusion at university has led to inclusion beyond the classroom.” – Sharalin McLeod

By Sharalin McLeod

My name is Sharalin McLeod. I am a University of British Columbia Okanagan Alumnus. I studied as a participatory auditing student in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies department for five years. I feel inclusion in a university setting is crucial. It allows for people to learn and grow like anyone else.

My experience as a UBC-O student was a great one. It allowed me to be included in different classes. I studied Creative Writing. I also learned about things like world development, the media and the history of residential schools. Being included in classes also meant working and doing assignments.

During my first year, I participated in a poster collecting contest and won it for collecting the most posters! This led to getting a job as a Campus Life Marketing Coordinator. My duties included putting up new posters, organizing the bulletin boards and taking down outdated posters. This job gave me confidence to belong to the university community.

One year I was invited to go snowboarding at Big White ski resort with a classmate. Another time I went skiing for five hours total. Inclusion at university has led to inclusion beyond the classroom.

These experiences in university have helped me grow, as well as given me tools to learn and do assignments and tests with the rest of the group. Being included in the university community makes a difference for people with diverse abilities who want to learn and experience new things.

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