A warm and welcoming presence in CLBC head office

Jenny Chang, Receptionist in CLBC’s head office, is a knowledgeable first point of contact for individuals and families, and a positive presence for her colleagues including Ron Rae, Yessica Narvaez and Wayne Tarasoff.

If you’ve called or dropped by Community Living BC’s head office in Vancouver, there’s a good chance you’ve spoken with Jenny Chang. Jenny has been CLBC’s morning receptionist since the crown corporation was first established in 2005.

As many people’s first point of contact with CLBC, Jenny plays an important role in connecting individuals and families with information they need, or with a CLBC staff member who can assist them. “I get all sorts of different questions, so I need to know where to direct people,” says Jenny. “For example, they might ask financial related questions, so I can put them through to accounts. This time of year there are lots of calls about the scholarship so I can give people information about that and tell them where to apply. Sometimes the question is something that a local office can answer, so I find the nearest office to them and provide the contact information.”

As someone who receives CLBC home sharing supports, Jenny can often draw on her own personal knowledge. “Sometimes people do ask what home sharing is, and how it works, and I’m able to explain that based on my experiences.”

“As a first point of contact, Jenny provides a critical service to people she interacts with. She plays a key role in building relationships and ensuring people have a welcoming experience when they contact CLBC,” says Sara Miller, CLBC’s Vice President of Corporate Services.

“Jenny effectively helps people navigate a broad range of information. As someone who represents the community CLBC serves, she has a lot of empathy and understanding for people’s needs.” – Sara Miller, CLBC Vice President of Corporate Services


In addition to helping people who call or visit head office, Jenny is a valuable team member who supports her colleagues in a number of ways including photocopying, scanning, printing, managing office inventory and supplies, typing up documents, preparing incoming and outgoing mail, and anything else that comes up.

“Jenny’s kind of the spirit of the office. She always has a smile and a greeting for everyone when they arrive at work, and checks up on how people are doing,” says Wayne Tarasoff, Business Analyst in CLBC’s IT Department, who has worked in head office since 2008. “It’s an infectious attitude and always helps set a great tone for the day.”

Jenny shares a laugh with Sara Miller, CLBC Vice President of Corporate Services.

“I enjoy getting treated with respect by my colleagues,” says Jenny, “and I like being able to help them with things that need to be done. They’re always able to answer my questions if I need assistance.”

In addition to her busy work days, Jenny keeps a full schedule with extra curricular activities, “I play basketball, bowling and in the summer I play softball. I really enjoy making friends, meeting new people, having fun, and of course trying to win some games. I like the competition,” she says, noting that she has a number of bowling trophies in her collection and is keen to win some more in the future. Competing in the Special Olympics has given Jenny the chance to test her skills against teams from other regions and cities across the province.

Beyond sports and community activities in her home community of Burnaby, Jenny also travels to China often with her family. “I have a lot of relatives in Shanghai and I visit them every two or three years. It’s great to see them,” she says. “The shopping’s great, the food’s great, but sometimes getting around can be challenging. It’s interesting to see all the new buildings that go up every time I visit.”

Jenny (front row, fifth from the right) enjoys competing with her softball team.

Jenny still speaks the dialect of Shanghai and often practices it with the owners of the nearby Oriole Café when she drops by for lunch. “I still know it pretty well and my skills are improving. I can never lose it. It’s my culture.”

Wherever she is, Jenny’s sure to put a smile on the face of those she connects with.

“Jenny’s great sense of humour and fun make her a wonderful presence around the office,” says Sara. “On top of that, she really lives CLBC’s values through all of the activities she’s involved with in community. She’s a great example for all of us who work with her.”

The importance of “Hi”

As the person who greets people at CLBC’s head office, Jenny understands the importance of a warm welcome. To read about a former CLBC campaign called “Start with Hi,” which provides a simple tip that makes a huge difference, visit www.StartWithHi.ca.

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