Community Council Video Library

Visit the links below to learn more about the work of CLBC Community Councils and listen to Council Members speak about their roles:

Community Building

Speakers in this section provide practical ideas on to build communities that are inclusive and welcoming of all of its citizens.

Shelley DeCoste talks about her Diversability campaign as a way to change how we think about disability

Linda Perry talks about building a sense of community

Joe Erpenbeck talks about social capital and community building

Can You Dig It – an example of building a community garden

Gord Tulloch talks about different strategies Councils can use to support inclusion and belonging

Gord Tulloch talks about challenges services face in building a sense of belonging

Gord Tulloch talks about what we mean by inclusion

Gord Tulloch talks about the meaning of social capital

Council Terms of Reference

Speakers in this section outline different ways that Councils can think about how they can carry out their Terms of Reference.

Donna Long talks about how Community Councils can support training and education opportunities

Joe Erpenbeck talks about a role for Community Councils

Linda Perry talks about different ways Community Councils can promote and build inclusive communities

Lynn Davies talks about her vision of how Community Councils can support CLBC’s vision

A Council Chair talks about community inclusion

Claudia Meyerman outlines the role of the Provincial Advisory Committee

A Council’s role in helping to reduce youth involvement in the criminal justice system

Role of the Surrey/Delta/White Rock Council in CLBC’s aging strategy

The Business of Councils

Speakers in this section discuss different aspects of the business of Community Councils. Topics include the role of Community Planning and Development Managers, developing a work plan and supporting self-advocates.

Two self-advocates talk about how they would like to be supported by Community Councils – PART 1

Two self-advocates talk about how they would like to be supported by Community Councils – PART 2

Joanne Granek discusses how Councils can think about their work plan

Shelley DeCoste talks about how she would like to see self-advocates supported by groups like Community Councils

Joanne Granek provides some important reminders of things Councils should remember when they develop a Work Plan

Joanne Granek provides talks about the step by step process Councils can follow to develop a Work Plan

How CLBC can support Community Councils

Lynn Davies, Director of Regional Operations, talks about the role of CLBC

Laura Zaparinuk, CPD manager, talks about her role in supporting Community Councils

Sharon Rose and Edwina Jeffrey talking about how they work together to support their Council