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CLBC Community Councils have a dynamic mission to encourage, inspire, lead and support inclusion and the participation of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of the community where you live and work.

The North Region Community Council (NRCC)’s role is to make sure people with developmental disabilities, families, community members and service providers play a major role in achieving the shared vision of fostering good lives in welcoming communities. As a Council, we work collaboratively with community partners and local CLBC offices across the North to support and recognize community inclusion and to foster full participation in community for people with developmental disabilities.

Members of the North Region Community Council include individuals with developmental disabilities, family members, professionals from service provider agencies and business and community leaders.

Interested in joining the North Region Community Council?

The North Region Council is looking for new members to join as we strive to break down barriers associated with disability and help make a difference in the lives of the people CLBC serves in the Burns Lake, New Aiyansh, Prince Rupert, Smithers, Terrace, Prince George and surrounding communities, and the communities of the Peace District.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact:

Your Community Council at work

Council launches Accessibility Map of Northern B.C.

In January 2018, the North Region Community Council launched a new Accessibility Map of Northern B.C.

The map shows locations in the northern half of BC that are physically accessible to persons with mobility impairments and demonstrate inclusive practices for people with disabilities.

Recognizing local efforts to improve community inclusion

The North Region Community Council launched an initiative in Winter 2015 to recognize individuals and organizations throughout the North who are making a difference in the lives of the people CLBC serves. The purpose of the initiative is to raise awareness about the good work being done, and to strengthen community partnerships. Since February, the NRCC has acknowledged the work of community partners in four northern communities – Prince George, Vanderhoof, Smithers and Terrace – with a letter of recognition.

Below are short summaries of the work done by each of these community champions and the letters that were sent to them. The NRCC looks forward to continuing to share news about the champions in their region.

B &T Wagon & Sleigh Rides, Telkwa

n May 10, 2016, the NRCC acknowledged B&T Wagon & Sleigh Rides in Telkwa for their generous approach to offering all community members regardless of age or ability a chance to experience a horse drawn wagon or sleigh ride, and enriching people’s lives who may never have had the opportunity to be in nature, close to horses or have an outdoor meal. The NRCC also thanked and recognized B &T Wagon & Sleigh Ride staff for their skill, patience and ensuring people have fun and are safe while they interact with the animals and nature.

Chatters Pizzeria and Bistro, Smithers

NRCC also recognized Chatters Pizzeria and Bistro in Smithers on May 10, 2016, for their long-term commitment to employing people of all abilities. For over two decades, Chatters has tailored jobs to the individual skill set of its employees, as well as creating a team that embraces everyone both in and outside of the workplace. NRCC applauded Chatters for its commitment to inclusive hiring through changing times, their welcoming atmosphere and accessibility to people with different mobility needs.

Fort St. John Home Hardware, Fort St. John

On May 14, 2016, NRCC recognize Fort St. John Home Hardware for the inclusive workplace they have created where all employees are treated equally and as valued members of the team. All staff are included in activities such as awards for yearly service, staff parties, and Christmas gift exchanges, and are proud to say they work for Home Hardware. NRCC also acknowledged the business’s creativity in creating customized jobs to fit the need of the individual in a way that is beneficial to both the business and the team.

Smithers Sunshine Inn, Smithers

Smithers Sunshine Inn was recognized on May 10, 2016, by the NRCC for providing fully accessible suites for people with different mobility needs. The Inn from the parking, entrance, hallway, ground level suites and dining area have all been designed with the space needed to make movement comfortable. NRCC thanked Smithers Sunshine Inn for their clean, cheery environment and for the their staff who are gracious and accommodating ensuring each guest has the flexibility they need during their stay.

Royal Bank, Pine Centre Branch, Prince George

On April 13, 2016, the North Region Community Council presented the Pine Centre Branch of the Royal Bank in Prince George with a letter of recognition to thank them for consistently treating all RBC customers with dignity and respect. In particular, the branch was acknowledged for their skill at respecting the rights of non-verbal individuals. RBC staff consistently speak directly to individuals, rather than deferring to support workers, and every effort is made to engage the individual in the process. The physical layout of the facility ensures that there is ease of mobility, and space for privacy.

Nechako Community Arts Council, Vanderhoof

The North Region Community Council demonstrated their great appreciation of the Nechako Community Arts Council in Vanderhoof with a presentation of a letter of recognition on March 18, 2016, for their inclusion of people of all abilities into the local arts community. The Arts Council has, and continues to, facilitate inclusion by advocating for wheelchair accessibility when the Vanderhoof Community Centre was built, and making sure individuals with disabilities are invited to participate in art events, such as the Christmas Art Show and Sale, the art show and sale at the Minerals North conference and the painting of street banners commemorating the Minerals North conference.

Smithers Secondary School, Smithers

Staff of the Bases Program at the Smithers Secondary School were recognized by the North Region Community Council on April 12, 2016, for their tireless efforts to find the right fit for each student as they are integrated into general classes of their choosing. Bases Program staff support and encourage students to pursue their interests whether they are academic, skill development, or for pure pleasure, and assist them, at their own pace, to be successful within their peer group, creating benefits for the whole student population as students work, study, socialize and graduate together. Smithers Secondary has also been very supportive of people transitioning out of high school, providing many with the opportunity to return after graduation for an additional year of school to ease their transition to adulthood.

Lakeelse Dental Clinic, Terrace

On February 5, 2016, the North Region Community Council presented a letter of recognition to the Lakeelse Dental Clinic in Terrace for creating a welcoming environment for all patients. From the reception area to the dental chair, patients are welcomed and treated with dignity and respect. The staff is very skilled in treating patients requiring extra time, extra support and special approaches; they are kind and gentle and encouraging. Every effort is made to engage the patient in the treatment process, regardless of communication barriers. Families of patients are not only included in the treatment area, but also welcomed. The clinic itself is accessible to patients with mobility impairments and has a fully accessible washroom. Patients from a large geographic area use this dental clinic because of this inclusive approach to a necessary, but often-difficult health care necessity.

Council news & events

Council Members participate in first Prince George Teenfest – March 5, 2016

Members of the North Community Council participated in the first ever Prince George Teenfest on March 5 at the Prince George Civic Centre. Our booth promoted inclusion of all youth, featuring a WiiU dance party and a slide show of persons with diverse abilities participating in their communities across the region and beyond. We had a gift basket that was given away, and lots of information about CLBC and disability information in general.

Our booth seemed to be well received, with good interaction with young people and their families visiting the event. Thank you to council members Debbie Still who drove in with her son Thunder and his caregiver Shen from Vanderhoof, Anita Clegg who came in with her son Jesse and husband Pierce from Smithers, and Colleen Tuson who came with her friends Storm and Rayne to set-up and run the booth on behalf of our council.


  • Ageing Parents and Caregiver Pamphlet – This CLBC pamphlet has been developed as a safeguards resource to help inform aging parents/caregivers of the need to, and benefits of making a plan with their family member as they both age.

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