North Community Council recognizes local efforts to improve community inclusion

The North Community Council has decided to formally recognize efforts to improve community inclusion across our region by developing a Letter of Recognition program.

Council members are encouraged to nominate organizations, businesses, local or Provincial government departments, or even individuals, who have taken steps to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. We are working to develop a template letter that will be sent to each approved nominee.

At our June 2015 meeting, two organizations were nominated and approved.

  • The first was the Smithers Art Gallery for their inclusive attitude to artists with disabilities. Individuals are welcomed simply as artists, and are appreciated for their talents, full stop. The fact that they have a disability is not part of the equation.
  • The second was the Caledonia Ramblers Hiking Club of Prince George. They constructs a 500-meter raised Universal Boardwalk at their Ancient Forest Interpretive Site east of Prince George, which allows persons with mobility restrictions that don’t allow them to enjoy the main trail system to visit the world’s only inland temperate rain forest.

Once we have finalized the format of the letter, both groups will receive the recognition that they deserve.