Vancouver Community Council

Vancouver Community Council is a group of self advocates, family and community members who work in partnership with CLBC and are committed to creating a more inclusive and welcoming community.

When you join the council you will gain knowledge and participate in fun and meaningful projects that support a more inclusive and welcoming community for the people CLBC supports.

Vancouver Community Council current work plan

  • Recruitment
  • Council Website
  • CLBC Group Orientation
  • Family Governance
  • Community Mapping

See a list of our current members.

Interested in contacting the Vancouver Community Council?

The Council strives to break down barriers associated with disability and help make a difference in the lives of the people CLBC serves in Vancouver.

If you would like to get in touch with the Vancouver Community Council, or learn about possible opportunities to join, please contact CLBC’s Vancouver Office.

Get to know the Vancouver Community Council by watching the video below:

Council at work

The Council has focused on:

  • Giving input to decisions regarding the budget
  • Attending and supporting a variety of CLBC working groups
  • Developing connections with Community Centres
  • Promoting a process for developing support networks
  • Advocacy, we submitted: a brief on transportation to the CLBC Advisory Board; a letter supporting a local CLBC funded employment initiative to CLBC upper management; a letter requesting increased funding for CLBC to Standing Committee on Finance
  • Participating in the selection of a new Manager for the Vancouver Community Living Centre
  • Pursuing the Goals, Objectives and Action Plans that have been developed

Upcoming meetings

The date and time of upcoming council meetings will be posted here soon.