Request to access information

To access personal information that is held by Community Living BC, you can click here to download the CLBC – Request to Access Information Form (including instructions on how to submit).


You can complete the online form below and click the button at the bottom of this form. Once you click the button, your request will be submitted to CLBC’s Privacy Officer. Personal information on this form is collected under S.26 of BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) and is used to respond to your request.

We ensure that your personal information will be protected and remain confidential.

Request to Access Information

  • PART 1: What type of information or records do you want?

  • PART 2: Your contact information

  • PART 3: Asking for someone else’s personal information

  • Requests for someone else’s information are not allowed unless you have the authority to access the information. CLBC may ask you for a copy of the Representation Agreement or Committeeship order (a court-appointed guardian) or a written consent signed by the individual.

  • PART 4: Information Requested

  • If possible, write down the years / months you want the records for:

  • PART 5: Delivery of information