Whistleblower (Ethical Reporting) Process

CLBC strives to achieve and advance the highest standards of ethical, moral and legal conduct. One of the ways we do this is by encouraging people to let us know when they see something wrong. We encourage the reporting of wrongdoing, including theft, fraud and corruption impacting either Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) or individuals supported by CLBC, and we put a high priority on protecting whistleblowers. We investigate every report and, if an irregularity is confirmed, we take action appropriate for the circumstances and try to prevent it from happening again. In the case of an illegal act, we report it to the police. CLBC takes steps to keep the identity of whistleblowers confidential.

There are three ways to submit a whistleblower report:

  1. Complete the report form and email it to CLBCreportline@gov.bc.ca
  2. Complete the report form and mail a printed copy to “Reportline at Community Living British Columbia” at 1200 West 73rd Ave., Vancouver, BC, V6P 6G5, in a sealed envelope marked confidential.
  3. Call 604-664-7953 to report your concern to CLBC’s Internal Audit Manager.

 (NOTE: If you want your report to go only to the Board of Directors, send it by email to: messagetoclbcboard@gov.bc.ca)

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