Service Providers – Emergency Funding Information

As part of the B.C. Government’s $5-billion COVID-19 Action Plan, the Province is extending the offer of temporary emergency funding to address impacts related to COVID-19 to August 31, 2020 to support service providers to continue delivering residential services, including group homes, home sharing and supported independent living that many of the people CLBC serves rely on. On this page are updated materials and requisition forms to support requests for this funding for July and/or August by the deadline of August 17, 2020.

Find links to materials below to provide Service Providers with specific information about requesting this funding:

Reminder – Extension of CLBC Emergency Advance Funding for July & August 2020 (Distributed July 31)A reminder message from Lynn Davies, CLBC Interim Chief Operating Officer, about the extension of the temporary CLBC Emergency Advance Funding.

Emergency Advance Funding – Foundations (July Update) – This foundation document outlines which funded services and expenses are eligible for emergency advance funding, and what allocation and implementation of this funding will look like.

Interim Guidance – Emergency Advance Funding via Service Providers (July Update)  – This guidance document identifies the parameters and process for the distribution of this funding to service providers.

Interim Guidance – Direction for Service Providers Emergency Advance Funding for Agency Coordinated Home Sharing (July Update) –  This guidance document provides direction for service providers on the allocation and distribution of this emergency funding to agency coordinated home sharing providers.

FAQs for Service Providers (July Update) – This document provides service providers with answers to common questions about CLBC Emergency Advance Funding via Service Providers.

Secure Electronic Signature Process –Effective April 24, 2020, CLBC temporarily suspended the requirement for service providers to physically mail a signed hard copy of service contracts by implementing a secure electronic signature process.


If you are having difficulty downloading any of these forms, please send an email to for assistance.