Critical Incident Reporting

A critical incident is a serious or unusual event that involves an individual accessing services funded by CLBC while service is being delivered.

The documents below provide guidance on how to:

  • accurately identify, respond to and report critical incidents in an appropriate and timely manner
  • continuously improve service quality and ensure that necessary supports are made available to individuals
  • learn from critical incidents to reduce the likelihood of similar incidents occurring in the future

Critical Incident Supporting Documents


COVID-19 related Critical Incidents

As part of the emergency response to COVID-19, CLBC is working with service providers to implement some new measures to help us to safeguard and support the wellbeing of the individuals we all serve. You can find documents on the Other Relevant Policies page here (under the “Critical Incident Policy” drop down) that provide information and guidance for service providers on critical incident reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic.