Initiatives and Projects

New Independent Nonprofit Society for Home Sharing

CLBC is supporting the creation of an independent nonprofit society for home sharing that will benefit home sharing providers and provide a more positive experience for those living in home share.

The role of the new society for home sharing will include:

  • increased public awareness to attract the interest of potential home sharing providers
  • recruitment of home sharing providers from rural and remote locations and culturally under-represented groups
  • increased networking, training, and education opportunities for home sharing providers.
  • finding solutions to the challenges of respite services
  • strengthening peer-support connections to help prevent isolation and home sharing provider burnout.

The new nonprofit society will maintain a board of directors that aims to bring together home sharing providers, people living in home share, CLBC and other stakeholders to continuously improve home sharing for everyone involved.

More information:

CLBC is happy to support the announcement of the first board of directors for the new nonprofit society for home sharing. Click here to read the announcement.

Click here to find answers to frequently asked questions about the new independent nonprofit society for home sharing.

Handbook – Introduction to Home Sharing

The purpose of this handbook is to ensure that home sharing providers clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. The handbook reviews important standards and policies that have been endorsed by CLBC. It also provides an overview of successful practices within the field and shares resources that promote the longevity of home sharing relationships.

Handbooks have also been created for family members and people living in home sharing:

Home Sharing Working Group

CLBC and the BC CEO Network, together with the members of the BC Home Share Providers Association and the Central Okanagan Professional Caregivers Association, came together to form the Home Sharing Working Group. The Working Group meets every two months to find solutions for issues identified through engagement with home sharing providers and agencies. Read more about this engagement process and feedback received here.

Read the Home Sharing Working Group’s three-year plan.

You can read past updates from the Home Sharing Working Group, and sign up to receive future updates, here.

CLBC home sharing rate increases

The provincial budget included $9.5 million in new funding for home sharing providers in 2020/21. This allowed CLBC to increase home sharing rates for the second year, effective April 1, 2020.

Read CLBC’s February 19, 2020 announcement of the second year of increases.

Read the CEO letter CLBC has asked agencies to send to all home sharing providers about 2020 increases.

See CLBC’s new home sharing rates as of April 1, 2020 (with Questions and Answers).

Archived: See CLBC’s home sharing rates effective April 1, 2019 here, following the first year of increases.