Periodic Report for Employment (PRE) Toolkit

The Workforce Development Agreement (WDA) provides funding for CLBC employment services.  Starting April 1, 2020, CLBC must collect mandatory information from employment service providers to report to the provincial and federal government quarterly as part of requirements for receiving WDA funding.  Some information gathered also helps CLBC and service providers strengthen employment services.

The Periodic Report for Employment 2020 (PRE2020) is the tool developed to collect this important information and the Secure File Transfer System (SFTS) is the only way providers can submit reports to CLBC, as the SFTS safeguards information that is collected.

The information and resources you need to complete your Periodic Report for Employment (PRE2020) report(s) or submit report(s) to CLBC using the Secure File Transfer Service (SFTS), are located here in the PRE2020 Toolkit.

If, after reviewing the Toolkit information and resources, you still need support, here are your contacts:

  • For support to complete the Periodic Report for Employment (PRE), due dates, or employment related questions, contact
  • For support for the Secure File Transfer Service (SFTS) or if you are locked out of SFTS, contact the CLBC Service Centre at 604‐733‐2655, toll free at 1‐866‐780‐2655 or by e‐mail at

Roles of Providers and CLBC Staff for the Periodic Report for Employment 2020 (PRE2020)

Privacy and Data Collection

Resources for Completing the PRE2020 and Using the Secure File Transfer Service (SFTS)

For New Employment Service Providers