Program Negotiations

CLBC’s Program Negotiations (PN) Program encompasses a suite of initiatives that will improve the efficiency, consistency and timeliness of negotiating program costs and service levels with our service providers.

Program Budget Exchange

The first initiative to be implemented is called Program Budget Exchange (PN-PBE). The goal of this project is to replace the Excel-based Union and Non-Union Funding Guide Templates (FGTs) with a simplified financial tool within CLBC’s existing My Workspace (MWS) software platform. Rollout is scheduled to begin in June 2021 until March 2022.

Find more information about Program Budget Exchange (PN-PBE) here.

Global Uplifts

The second project within the PN portfolio is entitled Global Uplifts (PN-GU), and is scheduled to be rolled out in Spring 2023.

Find more information about Global Uplifts (PN-PU) here.