Program Negotiations – Program Budget Exchange

Welcome to the Program Budget – Program Budget Exchange (PN-PBE) Project. This project will incorporate the Union and Non-Union Funding Guide Templates (FGTs) into CLBC’s My Workspace software platform (MWS), replacing Excel-based tools with a fully integrated application that will be known as the Program Budget.

This page provides you with information about the PN-PBE Project, rollout schedule, training, FAQs, communications and key contacts.

Project Overview

Readiness Activities


Technical Readiness Assessment

This Technical Readiness Assessment outlines the minimum technical requirements that your organization needs to meet in order to access the Program Negotiations system once it is live.

Click here to access the PN-PBE Technical Readiness Assessment

Please have one person from your organization review the assessment and ensure that your organization meets the minimum requirements.


Service Provider Training Module 1: PN-PBE Core Concepts

Service Provider Training Module 2: PN-PBE Workflow Fundamentals

Service Provider Training Module 3: PN-PBE Application and Practice

Additional Resources

Questions, Support and Key Contacts

If you have any questions related to the Program Negotiations – Program Budget Exchange project, please contact your Implementation Lead.

Click here to find your Implementation Lead based on your region.