Individualized Funding and Person Centred Societies

What this page says

  • If you are approved for a CLBC funded service, you can receive support from a service provider in your community, or you can use options called Individualized Funding or Person Centred Societies
  • Both Individualized Funding and Person Centred Societies allow you to direct your support the way you want.
  • You can hire people yourself, or, in the case of Host Agency Individualized Funding, you can work with a service provider to help you choose, hire and pay your staff.
  • A CLBC facilitator can explain how Individualized Funding and Person Centred Societies work.
  • You can also contact Vela Canada, who is available to help individuals and families learn about and use Individualized Funding and Person Centred Societies.

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Once you have confirmed eligibility and completed the Welcome and Planning process, a facilitator will meet with you to find out what next steps you’d like to take (explore planning options, request a service, or engage with existing community supports). If you choose to request services and are approved to receive a CLBC funded support, you can work with CLBC staff to receive the service from a service provider in your area, or you can discuss the option of receiving your services through Individualized Funding (IF) or a Person Centred Society (PCS). This allows you to direct and customize your supports to meet your needs.

What is Individualized Funding (IF)?

Any adult who is eligible for CLBC, has completed planning and been notified they are allocated funding for supports, is eligible for Individualized Funding (IF). IF is an important alternative to receiving supports through a CLBC funded agency. Through the IF option, services for you and/or your family are directed and managed by you and/or your family. Some individuals and families choose IF because they find it gives them more choice in how they set up their services and supports, allowing for more flexible, person-centred, self-directed services. The process to determine the amount of IF funding you can receive is the same as the process to determine how much service and support you are approved to receive from a CLBC-funded agency. In both cases, it is based on your disability-related needs, the estimated cost of the supports you need, and CLBC’s available funding.

What is a Person Centred Society (PCS)?

Like Individualized Funding, Person Centred Societies (PCSs) are an important alternative to receiving supports through a traditional CLBC funded agency.

A PCS is a small, not-for-profit organization that supports an individual (or sometimes two individuals in the case of siblings or couples). These societies are registered and comply with the BC Societies Act. A board of directors is formed that acts as a circle of support to the individual and oversees the delivery of services using CLBC and other sources of funds. Some individuals choose a PCS because it supports the creation of that circle of support and distributes the work of overseeing the delivery of services to more than a single person. Some PCSs are referred to as “Microboards™”. These are PCSs that subscribe to the values and practices of Vela Canada, an organization with significant expertise in person-directed services.

Individuals can set up supports the way they want

Individualized Funding and Person Centred Societies enable individuals to use money allocated by CLBC to create new, innovative service options and to make individual choices about how supports and services are provided. If your request is approved and funded, you will be able to decide and purchase supports that enable you to live in your community or help you find a job.

With IF, you have two options to determine and arrange your own supports. You, or the person assisting you (your agent), might hire people directly to help you and manage the money yourself. This is called direct-funded IF. Or, you may work with a Host Agency that will help manage the funds and choose and hire people to support you.

Because there are several steps to receiving services and supports using Individualized Funding and Person Centred Societies, CLBC funds and works in partnership with Vela Canada to provide education, advice, and support for individuals and families interested in exploring and/or receiving these options.

You can check out training videos here to teach families how to use the easy-to-use online reporting system for Individualized Funding.

People receiving Individualized Funding share their experiences

Onkar’s story

An example of how one young man and his family used IF to hire the staff and direct support that best meet the personal and cultural needs of their family.

Maureen’s story

An example of how a woman hires her own staff and directs her own services.

Jaimie’s story

An example of how a youth and his family used IF to ensure supports are person centred and honour their indigenous culture .

How do I start?

Start by finding out more about these options – how they work and whether either IF or a PCS is a fit for you. A CLBC facilitator at your local office or Vela Canada staff (, or 604-539-2488) can help you explore the IF and PCS options and if you are approved for funding, help you walk through the steps required to get set up.

Remember, receiving funding through IF or through a PCS starts with the same request for service and funding approval process that any request for service must follow so if you have not yet requested service and had your request approved, speak with a CLBC facilitator about how CLBC manages and prioritizes requests for funding.

If you are already receiving CLBC-funded supports, a facilitator or a member of the Vela Canada team can work with you to explore the possibility of moving funding to IF or to a PCS. If some or all of your funding can be moved, a facilitator or Vela team member can assist you to request a change to IF or a PCS.

Watch for more information on Person Centred Societies coming Summer 2024.

Learn more about Individualized Funding

Learn how to use the online IF: Direct Funding Financial Reporting System

The two training videos and reference documents below teach families how to use the new, easy-to-use, online IF Direct Funding Financial Reporting System that launched on November 4, 2019.

Reference Documents


The first video is for Direct Funding Standard Agreements, and the second video is for Direct Funding Simplified Agreements.

To view each video in full screen mode, click this icon at the lower right of the video:



Direct Funding Standard Agreements – Training Video

Direct Funding Simplified Agreements – Training Video