Your Main Contact: A CLBC Facilitator

What this page says

  • A person called a facilitator is your main contact at CLBC.
  • A facilitator will tell you if you are eligible for CLBC support.
  • A facilitator can help you plan for changes in your life. This might be when you become an adult, when you get older, or if you have an unexpected urgent situation.
  • A facilitator can help you get involved in your community.
  • A facilitator can explain CLBC funded services and help you to request them.

Community Living BC (CLBC) staff know that finding the right supports for a good life is not easy. Your main contact at CLBC will be a person called a facilitator. He or she is able to confirm if you are eligible for CLBC supports, and will be part of a team that welcomes you to the organization. Whether coming to CLBC for the first time, or needing to make a change later in life, your facilitator will be your key contact. You can call the facilitator at any time if you have questions or concerns. Your facilitator will do their best to understand your needs, and explain what you can expect from CLBC.

To talk to someone right now, find your local office here.

Who is a CLBC facilitator?

CLBC facilitators work in offices around the province and will be part of a team that introduces you to CLBC and helps you with next steps. He or she can help connect you to community, plan for needs in your life, and will explain what services and supports CLBC funds, how to request CLBC-funded services and supports, and how much you might be able to receive. The facilitator will be your key contact as you continue through life and will be available assist when there is a change in your life.

Meet some more CLBC facilitators here:

Truly Berge – Dawson Creek
Truly Berge – Dawson Creek
Pam Fletcher – Port Alberni
Pam Fletcher – Port Alberni
Lori Skinner – Salmon Arm
Lori Skinner – Salmon Arm
Susan Sorensen – Surrey
Susan Sorensen – Surrey
Traci Barret – Quesnel



What do CLBC facilitators do?

All CLBC staff have a common goal: to support individuals to have a good quality of life and be included in their neighbourhoods, home towns or cities. CLBC facilitators do this when they provide:

  • Information about eligibility criteria and review documents to confirm eligibility
  • Assistance to get involved in your community based on your interests and strengths
  • Planning support for different needs in your life (like becoming an adult, aging, urgent situations, and ongoing challenges)
  • Information about accessing CLBC supports and services
  • Assistance to resolve problems or a crisis support need
  • Help to coordinate services

Facilitators can also refer you to other government agencies, community partners or agencies when necessary. See information about other government supports here.

Problem solving support

Once you are involved with CLBC, life can sometimes throw you a curve that changes your circumstances and disability-related needs. If you have a change, or something is not working well with supports and services, you can ask for help from your CLBC facilitator. You can request they review your circumstances and needs.

Things you can do before you talk to a facilitator