Questions and Answers

What can I file a complaint about?

You can file a complaint about:

  • How you were treated by a CLBC staff person.
  • A funding or allocation decision.
  • The quality of services provided by one of our contracted service providers.
  • How an individual’s personal information has been handled.
  • A situation where the rights of an individual supported by CLBC were not respected.
  • Concerns relating to CLBC’s policies and procedures.

This process does not apply to rules set out in legislation, however, complaints about how CLBC has applied these legal criteria will be accepted.

Can someone file a complaint for me?

Yes — with your permission.

Will anything happen to me if I make a complaint?

If you are concerned about being retaliated against for making a complaint, contact our Manager of Quality Assurance toll-free at 1-855-664-7972 who will review the situation immediately and contact you.

Is there more information available about the complaint process?

Yes. Click here to read the Complaints Resolution Policy and visit the links below to connect with external provincial agencies or services to help resolve your concern:

If you have concerns about services you are receiving from multiple ministries and agencies, including CLBC, contact the Integrated Services Support Team toll-free at 1-855-356-1635.