Attend the CLBC Welcome Workshop series

What this page says

  • Many people don’t know what to expect when they turn 19, or if they need help from CLBC later in life.
  • CLBC involved people we support to create a series of workshops to help answer their questions and know what to expect from CLBC.
  • These workshops help people learn about connecting to community, planning options, and how CLBC works.

People who are eligible for CLBC services can feel overwhelmed when transitioning into adulthood or trying to get support later in life. Sometimes they aren’t aware of supports in their own community, they don’t know what they can plan to do, and they are worried they’ll have to fight for the services they need.

Get to know CLBC

The goal of a Welcome Workshop series is to help people feel better supported and informed about CLBC.

CLBC involved individuals, families, and partners in the design of four CLBC Welcome Workshops. The goal is to help people feel better informed, more connected to other families and their community, and to understand what to expect.

Workshop leaders

Each workshop is led by:

  • an individual already receiving CLBC supports
  • a family member
  • a CLBC staff member

Workshop 1: Getting Started

This is an introduction to CLBC and what next steps are needed next to move into adult life. We want to give you an idea of how all the pieces fit together, including the CLBC piece. In Getting Started we’ll cover some of the differences between child/youth and adult services and supports and present information, resources, and choices about what’s next.

Workshop 2: Community Connections

This is where we start to collect and share information about our local community with each other. Just like we capture the strengths of ourselves or our family members, we want to capture the strengths and other great things about our community. Bring what you know and let’s learn from each other.

Workshop 3: Planning Choices

As an individual and/or family you have choices about how to plan for your future, and who to plan with. This workshop is about the many different ways you can plan and the planning help that is there for you. This workshop also explains the information CLBC will ask about you if you decide to request services.

Workshop 4: The “Real Deal”

If you decide to apply for CLBC-funded services, this workshop is for you. It explains how CLBC works and how CLBC makes decisions about who gets services and when. It will also explain the different kinds of services CLBC funds.

Who can attend?

You do not have to be eligible for CLBC services to attend a Welcome Workshop series. Youth and their families can attend a Welcome Workshop series as early as age 14 to help them think about applying for eligibility for CLBC services when they are 16. People who are already receiving CLBC services are also welcome to attend a Welcome Workshop series.

Where are workshops held and how do I register?

CLBC Welcome Workshops are held across the province. The workshops may be held in-person, online or a combination of in-person and online sessions.

People who are already found eligible for CLBC services who live in remote communities, or who prefer to not attend a Welcome Workshop series, can receive the information from the workshops directly from a CLBC facilitator.

If you are interested in attending a Welcome Workshop series, please call your nearest CLBC office to learn about how to register.

Find your local office or call: 1-877-660-2522.