Community Action Employment Plan

ProjectMany people CLBC serves want to work. The Community Action Employment Plan (the Plan), launched in March 2013, reflects the input and efforts of hundreds of people across British Columbia who are working collaboratively to increase employment for the people CLBC serves.

The plan’s original three-year goal was to assist 1,200 more people to access employment. As of March 2016, CLBC and all of its partners were pleased to acknowledge that we had exceeded our goal, with data showing 1,800 more people reporting income for a total 4,000 people (21 per cent of people CLBC serves).

Priorities for 2016 to 2019

CLBC and our partners recognize there is still much work to be done. We’ve set a new three year goal of 25 per cent of CLBC-served individuals reporting income, or about 5,000 people. You can read about the first two years of achievements for the Community Action Employment Plan.

The Community Action Employment Plan – Priorities 2016-2019 outlines which key initiatives from the Plan will be the focus for this three-year period. This includes implementing the development of local employment plans across B.C.

There is a role for everyone to play in helping to build more inclusive workplaces across BC. Find out more about your role and how you can contribute by visiting the different pages in this section of the website.

Employment Resources

CLBC’s employment resources highlight the benefits of hiring people with diverse abilities, and promote the creation of employment opportunities for the people CLBC supports across B.C.

Find employment resources here.