Schools and School Districts

The overall goals of the Community Action Employment Plan are:

  • to increase the number of CLBC-eligible individuals who are participating in employment, and
  • for people who are already employed, but want to work more, to provide increased opportunities for employment.

This means everyone has a role to play.

Transition planning involves many players, and a shared approach is important to ensure youth and their families are well supported in the transition process. Schools and school districts will be asked to:

  • Improve employment outcomes for transitioning youth by working with CLBC, the sector and local employment planning groups to scan, collect and evaluate best practices that will be used to develop initiatives to connect more youth to employment
  • Participate in the development of Local Employment Action Plans
  • Provide students of all abilities with employment experience while still in school
  • Explore options to support families in advancing employment

Click here to download information about the role of schools and school districts in the Community Action Employment Plan.

Web resources

  • Best Practices for Supported Employment
    User-friendly information for employers, job seekers, service providers and family members.
  • Ready, Willing and Able
    A three-year project to increase the workforce participation of people with developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • familyWORKS
    Provide families with a forum for conversations about employment, mentoring through family to family support, and information and resources.
  • Employment Matters
    A documentary by CBC, explores the untapped market and potential of employing people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace.
  • Employment Matters Too
    The second part of a CBC documentary series focusing on people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace.
  • Mapping Inclusive Employment for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
    On line geo-mapping project that enables people throughout the province to share their experiences with inclusive employment.
  • MentorAbility
    A public awareness and employment development initiative that connects people with developmental disabilities to employers for a day of mentoring.
  • BC Partners in Workforce Innovation
    Innovative recruitment pilot project to help BC employers meet current and future workforce needs, and connect people with diverse abilities to employment opportunities.