Work BC Service Providers

The overall goals of the Community Action Employment Plan are:

  • to increase the number of CLBC-eligible individuals who are participating in employment, and
  • for people who are already employed, but want to work more, to provide increased opportunities for employment.

This means everyone has a role to play.

Collaboration and partnership with WorkBC in particular has been instrumental in helping more people connect to employment. There has been a six-fold increase in the number of CLBC job seekers accessing employment services from their local WorkBC office. Over the next three years, CLBC and WorkBC will focus on these key objectives from the Plan:

  • Continue to identify and implement solutions to increase the use of WorkBC by CLBC job seekers
  • Continue to share best practices for employment service delivery that will increase employment outcomes for CLBC job seekers
  • Take advantage of training opportunities that will result in improved service delivery to CLBC job seekers
  • Create and disseminate stories demonstrating collaborative practice between CLBC & Work BC
  • Participate in the development of Local Employment Action Plans

Download information about the role of WorkBC in the Community Action Employment Plan.

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