Conversation on Community Inclusion Services

In October 2023, Community Living BC began a series of discussions with individuals, families, service providers and key community partners in remote, urban, and Indigenous communities to gather an understanding of people’s experiences, best practices for community inclusion programs, and what ideas people have for the future of these services.


The purpose of this work is to identify best practices for community inclusion supports and recommendations for services and programs for people with diverse abilities in B.C. Following completion, CLBC will propose next steps to support the provision of community inclusion services which reflect current best practices and provincial commitments to inclusion.

The Process

From September 2023 to September 2024 information will be gathered through:

  1. Visits to the broad spectrum of community inclusion services in all regions of B.C.
  2. Conversations and discussions with individuals, families, service providers and others about current and future services.
  3. Research into best practices in B.C. and other provinces and countries.
  4. Documentation of consultation and research results, best practices, and recommendations to support the strengthening of community inclusion services.

Next Steps

In September 2024, following the conclusion of this work, CLBC will present findings and recommendation and begin dialogue and action on next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is CLBC undertaking this work?

I enjoy the program that I attend now and the relationships I have there with my friends. Will I be forced to go somewhere else?

I don’t want a “day” program.  I’m Indigenous, I’m into hip-hop and I make my music at night and on weekends.

Is CLBC initiating this work to save money or reduce the support my family receives now?

My parents worked their hearts out to create the program that my brother has attended for the last 30 years. Are you trying to close it down?

The way my agency is funded limits our ability to provide fully inclusive community services.  I want to talk about how CLBC, MCFD, and high schools can do things differently too.

How can I participate in the consultations?