The Survey

The survey consists of 53 questions in the areas of independence, social participation, and well-being based on a framework that was researched, developed, and internationally validated by Dr. Robert Schalock.

CLBC uses a survey that was developed by a national research company under contract with the Persons with Developmental Disabilities Edmonton Region Community Board. PDD Edmonton consulted Dr. Schalock throughout the 2-year development process and involved many individuals, family members, service providers, community living experts, and PDD Edmonton staff. The final version that was released in 2009 has been proven to have strong statistical reliability and validity.

48 questions are designed to look at the 8 domains of quality of life that explore an individual’s personal experience of independence, social participation, and well-being:

  • emotional well-being– contentment, self-concept, lack of stress
  • interpersonal relations– interactions, relationships, supports
  • material well-being– financial status, employment, housing
  • personal development– education, personal competence, performance
  • physical well-being– health and health care, activities of daily living, leisure
  • self-determination– autonomy / personal control, personal goals, choices
  • social inclusion– community integration and participation, roles, supports
  • rights– legal, human (respect, dignity, equality)

The survey also includes additional questions about housing, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and overall quality of life.