Who Needs Inclusive Housing?

People with developmental disabilities

We are people with diverse abilities, talents and challenges. We have much to contribute as neighbours, employees and family members and strive to be full citizens in our communities.

However, we often experience negative stereotypes, discrimination and lack of choice in our lives. We may need help with some parts of our life. Some people with developmental disabilities need paid support services and many do not.

Usually, once people get to know us they realize we are more alike than different and that we have contributions to make.


Welcoming neighbourhoods, towns and cities all benefit from inclusion. The movement to empower and include people with developmental disabilities in our communities is called community living.

Examples of the benefits of inclusion abound, for example:

  • writing and speaking in plain language benefits people who have English as a second language;
  • accessibility for people who use wheel chairs benefits parents pushing strollers and travellers pulling suitcases;
  • inclusive employment produces more positive and productive workplaces.

Who do I contact?

To start the conversation about how you can get involved in inclusive housing, contact your local CLBC office to speak to the Director of Regional Operations or Manager.