I Can Be Safe Online

ICanBeSafeOnline.com was created as Community Living BC’s online safety website.

This website served as an important tool to help people learn how to be safe online while still having fun with their friends and family, and connecting with their community.

The Internet is entertaining and can open a world of knowledge, but it can also lead to embarrassing or scary situations for yourself and others. It could even put your safety or your privacy at risk.

To help you stay safe online, you can find all of the ICanBeSafeOnline.com information, videos, tips and links to other online safety resources below:

Tip 1 - Protect your password

Tip 2 - Find a checker friend

Tip 3 - Double-check your privacy settings

Tip 4 - Don’t let the Internet control you

Tip 5 - It’s OK to say no

Tip 6 - Don’t click too quick

Tip 7 - Think before you send or post

Tip 8 - Protect things that are private

For families and service providers

An introduction to the online world

How to support online safety

Where to get help

Tips from the RCMP

More information