Celebrating connection at TALK Northwest camp conference

A group of seventeen self advocates stand and sit together in a group photo.

TALK Northwest members hosted a two-day Kispiox Advocates Camp Conference in September.

During the pandemic, CLBC supported four B.C. self advocacy groups across the province to keep individuals served by CLBC connected and supported. TALK Northwest Society was one of the recipients for the Self Advocates Leading Connections grant.

As a way to celebrate connection to each other and the lands we live on, TALK Northwest members used the last of their grant funding to host a two-day Kispiox Advocates Camp Conference in September.

The conference started with a reflection of gratitude. Immediately the value of being able to come together to such a beautiful location was at the forefront of the gratitude list. The participants were led on an archery activity with an emphasis on safety and rules of engagement. Next on the agenda was an emotional regulation course on how to process big feelings, including tips and techniques for grounding emotions, followed by sharing stories. The group all participated in making stone soup together, discussing nutrition and the importance of community and how each ingredient plays an important part in the recipe. After enjoying their soup, everyone participated in guided yoga which provided an opportunity to relax and self-reflect. The day ended with powerful, inspiring stories that were shared around the campfire.

On the second day, members discussed planning for the Re-Imagining Communities grant partnered with the Empowering Self Advocates To Take Action Cooperative (ESATTA). The day included team and skill building activities. Camp leaders said, “there were so many special moments that were shared. The morale was high, the group dynamics were amazing, and everyone was so respectful and encouraging to each other. Everyone raved about their experience and dreams for a future campout conference event.”

To learn more about the TALK Northwest Self Advocacy Group, email them at talknorthwest@gmail.com.

Photos from the camp conference:

Three women stand together on the front porch and stairs of a wood cabin. A woman wearing an orange shirt and sunglasses sits outdoors on a yoga mat.


A women holds a bow and arrow and prepares to shoot the arrow.

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