CLBC recruiting Indigenous Elder Advisors

As part of CLBC’s work to strengthen relationships with Indigenous people we serve and their communities, CLBC is inviting Elders in B.C. to join a new Indigenous Elder Advisory group.

Elder Advisory Members will:

  • Help to guide our provincial and regional work as we develop Indigenous strategies
  • Support our Indigenous Advisory Committee
  • Support the service delivery and design work happening across CLBC regions for Indigenous people living with a diverse ability
  • Support individuals accessing services through the Provincial Assessment Centre
  • Participate in our working groups to help us understand what’s important to Indigenous people living with a diverse ability.

CLBC supports British Columbia’s commitment to Bill 41 – 2019: Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, the 2018 Draft Principles to guide the BC Public Service on relationships with Indigenous Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action.

CLBC’s new Indigenous team led by Joanne Mills, Executive Director of Indigenous Relations, is working to help advance the goals in CLBC’s strategic plan and the 2020/21-2022/23 Service Plan to build trusting relationships with Indigenous communities by improving awareness of CLBC and available supports and services among Indigenous Peoples and communities and by increasing CLBC staff understanding about Indigenous Peoples’ history and culture. Indigenous Elder Advisors will provide valuable contributions to this work.

Please share this invitation. Elders who are interested in this opportunity can contact Pat Cormier at or 604-786-4396, or Billie Metz at or 250-826-9211.

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