PAC Assessments

The Provincial Assessment Centre (PAC) in-patient facility provides multidisciplinary evaluation, treatment plans, and recommendations for on-going support and care in an individual’s home and community environments.

The multi-disciplinary team collaborates with individuals and their support networks to understand the person’s mental health and behavioural needs, functional strengths and capabilities and support needs within the community.

The PAC assessment involves:

  • Inpatient assessment. The duration of stay is variable.
  • Psychiatric assessment and care.
  • Specialized, multi-disciplinary care 24-hours daily.
  • Utilization of evidence-based practice.
  • Use of a developmental approach.
  • Collaboration and transition planning with families and agencies.
  • Defining and promoting realistic, achievable function.
  • Building continuity of care.

If you have questions about PAC assessment process, please contact 604-660-0228 or