Residential Supports

What this page says

  • If you are eligible for CLBC supports, you could receive support where you live; this is called Residential Support.
  • There are three types of residential support:
    1. Supported Living
    2. Shared Living
    3. Staffed Residential
  • You can talk to a CLBC facilitator about the different residential support options

Ed and Cynthia (left), feel they are the lucky ones to have Chris join their family through shared living. Read their story.

Where you live is an important part of your life. CLBC funds a variety of residential supports that allow people to select an option that is a good fit for their current support needs and preferences.

If you are eligible for CLBC supports, or are interested in reviewing or changing your current supports, you can talk to a CLBC facilitator about different residential options.

Some people live independently in their communities, but need a bit of targeted support throughout the week to develop specific skills and take care of their own home. Others need to have someone available to support them in their home at all times.

Residential support might be the only CLBC-funded support you receive or it could be one part of your plan. The kind and amount of support you receive is based on the need for help in specific areas. Visit the Understand CLBC Funding Decisions page for more details.

What are the different types of residential support options?

A CLBC facilitator can help you decide which option meets your current residential support needs. In each type of support, you will have the opportunity to learn new things and engage with your community. You and your family will also have a say in how you are supported and who provides support.

The three types of residential supports that CLBC funds are:

Supported Living (Outreach / Cluster)

In this option, you receive support with activities of daily living from someone who visits you in your own home that you own, lease, or rent. Learn more…

Shared Living (Home Sharing and Live-In Support)

In this option, you share a home with someone who is contracted to provide you with ongoing residential support. In some shared living situations, you live with one person (the shared living provider). In other cases, you live with a couple or a family. Although this model can be provided in your home, it usually involves you living in the shared living provider’s home. You have the opportunity to choose the type of arrangement that works best for you. Learn more…

Staffed Residential

In this option, you live in a home that is shared with others and receive support with activities of daily living from staff who work at scheduled times throughout the day and night. Learn more…

Talk to a facilitator about residential support

To talk with a CLBC facilitator about residential options, please contact your local CLBC office.

Visit the Local Offices page to find your local office contact information.