Supports to live in your home

What this page says

  • If you are eligible for CLBC funded supports, and funding is available, you could receive supports to live in your own place, with a roommate or family in shared living, or in a staffed home.
  • There are three types of home support:
    • Independent Living
    • Shared Living
    • Staffed Living
  • You can learn more about these options on this page or talk to a CLBC facilitator about the different home support options.

Ed and Cynthia (left), feel they are the lucky ones to have Chris join their family through shared living. Read their story here.

Where you live is an important part of your life. CLBC funds a variety of home supports that allow people to select an option that is a good fit for their current support needs and preferences. 

If you are eligible for CLBC supports, or are interested in reviewing or changing your current supports, you can review the supports CLBC funds below and/or talk to a CLBC facilitator about different options.  

Some people live independently in their communities but need a bit of support throughout the week to develop specific skills and take care of their own home. Others need to have someone available to support them in their home at all times. 

Supports to live in your home might be the only CLBC-funded support you receive, or it could be one part of your plan. The kind and amount of support you receive is based on the need for help in specific areas. Visit the Understand CLBC Funding Decisions page for more details.  

What are the different types of home support options?

CLBC funds a variety of supports to help people live in their homes. The amount of funding and type of support provided depends on your current disability-related needs, support preferences, and preferred home environment.  

The three types of home supports that CLBC funds are: 

Independent Living

In this option, you live in a place of your own (that you own, lease or rent) and receive support with activities of daily living from someone who visits you. 

Learn more about independent living supports here.

Shared Living (Home Sharing and Live-In Support)

In this option, you share a home with someone who is contracted to provide you with ongoing support at home (shared living provider). In some shared living situations, you live with one person, in other cases, you live with a couple or a family. Although this model can be provided in your home, it usually involves you living in the shared living provider’s home. You have the opportunity to choose the type of arrangement that works best for you.  

Learn more about shared living supports here.

Staffed Living

Staffed living is for individuals who have many support needs and this needs special approval.  In this option, you live in a home usually run by an organization, where support is received by a team of staff who rotate through the home according to an established schedule that may include overnight hours.

Learn more about staffed living supports here.

Talk to a facilitator about supports to live in your home

To talk with a CLBC facilitator about home support options, please contact your local CLBC office. 

Visit the Local Offices page here to find your local office contact information.