Staffed living supports

What this page says

  • If you are eligible for CLBC and need a lot of support with daily living that you can’t get through other home supports, you may want to request staffed living supports.
  • Sometimes people use the term “group home” to describe what this support could look like.
  • This type of support requires special approval.
  • With this support, you live in a home that is usually owned or operated by an organization and receive support from staff who have been screened and trained to help people in daily living.
  • The staff who provide support do not usually live in the home but can be available to provide support during the day and/or night (depending on the situation and what is approved).
  • You can talk to a CLBC facilitator about this support, and other supports, to live in your home.

Where you live is an important part of your life. Staffed living support is an option for individuals who need a lot of support with daily living. With this option, you live in a home that is usually owned or operated by an organization and receive support from staff who do not live in the home but work on a schedule. Staff might be scheduled to provide support in the day or night depending on what is needed and approved.   

If you are eligible for CLBC supports, and would like information about what we offer, or if you would like to review or request a change to the support you currently receive, a CLBC facilitator can talk to you about this. 

People who are approved for this option need quite a bit of support with many areas of daily living. Staff who work in the home can help you with things like cooking, budgeting, personal care, recreation, and connecting to your community. They get to know you well and will support you to get involved in the home and the community in a way that is comfortable for you. 

In a staffed living situation, up to four people usually live together in the home.  You share some areas of the home with others who live there, but you have your own room that you can decorate as you like and where you can go when you want or need time to be by yourself. Staff do not live in the home but work on a schedule to provide the support that is needed. 

Staffed living might be the only CLBC-funded support you receive, or it could be one part of your plan. The kind and amount of support you receive is based on the need for support in specific areas

What are the benefits of staffed living support?

Staffed living support can be very helpful for people who need a lot of support with daily living. It can provide: 

  • Comfortable, well-maintained home situations that reflect the character of the people who live there. 
  • Qualified staff support you within the home and help you connect to people and resources in the community where you live. 
  • Opportunities to get involved in activities within the home, learn new things, and take part in things that are happening in your neighbourhood. 

How can CLBC help connect me with staffed living support?

If you are eligible for CLBC services, a facilitator can talk with you about your options. They can help you develop and initiate a plan to connect with services that are funded by CLBC and other resources in your community. 

CLBC works with service providers across B.C. that are qualified to provide staffed living support. If you are interested in this support, a CLBC facilitator can provide you and your family with more information and can introduce you to service providers that could offer the kind of support you want and need at this point in your life. 

How does CLBC make sure that a staffed living home is safe?

CLBC regularly checks in with all service providers to ensure that the services they are offering continue to meet your needs and to make sure the homes in which they provide support are safe and comfortable. 

Service providers ensure that all staff who provide support are appropriately screened, trained, and supervised. Staff use their skills and proper procedures to make sure the people who live there are safe. 

If three or more people live in the home, the home requires a license from the health authority in that region and will be inspected each year by an employee of the Ministry of Health. 

Larger service providers are also required to maintain accreditation status. 

CLBC staff also regularly visit the home to monitor how things are going for the individuals who live there, and agencies are required to immediately report any critical incidents that occur in the home. 

Talk to a facilitator about staffed living options

If you need a lot of help with daily living that other home support options can’t meet, talk with a CLBC facilitator about staffed living support. To reach a CLBC facilitator please contact your local CLBC office. A CLBC facilitator can answer questions you have. 

Find your local office contact information here.