Community Inclusion Month

October 2019 was a busy month as British Columbians across the province celebrated Community Inclusion Month. You can find some of the many highlights of the month below. This page will be updated in the fall of 2020 to share information and updates about Community Inclusion Month 2020.

Community Inclusion Month recognized the contributions and potential of people with developmental disabilities, and the families, friends, caregivers, volunteers, community groups and employers who make our province stronger by ensuring their full participation. For the last 21 years, communities across B.C. have held events and initiatives to help build awareness about inclusion for adults with developmental disabilities, and to celebrate the people who include them.

Read a message from Ross Chilton, CLBC CEO, on Community Inclusion Month here.

Read Minister Shane Simpson’s statement on Community Inclusion Month here

See the official Community Inclusion Month proclamation from the Province of British Columbia here.

Below you can also find proclamations from local communities, news stories and some highlights from Community Inclusion Month 2019:


News Stories

Highlights from around B.C.