Province Announces Budget

In the provincial budget released today there is an additional $66.5 million in funding for CLBC to support people with developmental disabilities.

This includes $8.8 million this year ($45 million over the next three years) to improve funding for home sharing providers. This is a vital service that supports more than 4,000 people to live in their communities. Letters will be going out to Home Sharing providers in March 2019 to explain the details and how the new funding will impact them.

There is also funding to provide new or increased supports for the people CLBC serves. About 900 to 1,100 people become eligible for CLBC services each year. Those eligible for services have grown from 12,735 in 2010 to 21,128 as of March 31, 2018. To understand how CLBC makes funding allocation decisions for individuals who have requested disability-related services, please visit our web site here.

“CLBC staff and service providers care about the individuals and families we serve, and take seriously our role in helping people to build a meaningful life,” said CLBC CEO Seonag Macrae. “We will work very hard to continue to strengthen our services to ensure the funding provides effective supports to as many people as possible.”

CLBC funds and monitors support services to adults with developmental disabilities in British Columbia. CLBC also serves individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder who need significant help with daily tasks. Services are provided through a network of service providers and include employment, community inclusion, housing and respite supports.

Thanks to ongoing funding, CLBC has been able to fund more services each year and make key improvements. To support a goal of improved relationships, CLBC last year launched a more user friendly web site, as well as a series of new welcome workshops for individuals and families. CLBC is also working on projects to improve services for individuals with mental health and other complex challenges, to increase employment rates, and to improve contracting processes and the monitoring of services.

To learn about CLBC’s priorities for 2019, you can read CLBC’s Mandate Letter here. You can also read CLBC’s Annual Service Plan here, and CLBC’s Strategic Plan here.

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