Who is CLBC?

What this page says

  • CLBC is a crown corporation that works with individuals, families, service providers, community and government partners.
  • CLBC receives funding from the government.
  • CLBC supports as many people as it can with this funding.
  • CLBC connects people to community.
  • CLBC connects people to funded services.
  • CLBC knows it’s not easy to find the right supports for a good life.
  • CLBC wants to understand who you are and what you want your life to look like.

Community Living BC, or CLBC, is the provincial crown corporation that funds supports and services to adults with developmental disabilities, as well as individuals who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and who also have significant difficulty doing things on their own. The law that describes our role is the Community Living Authority Act. To see if you or your family member might be eligible, visit the Am I Eligible for CLBC Support? page.

CLBC was created in 2005 when individuals and families came together with government to create a separate agency to meet their unique needs. CLBC works with individuals, families, service providers, community and government partners to help create communities of belonging, and lives with connection. Here are important things to know:

CLBC staff care about the individuals and families they serve

Entering adulthood is stressful, and finding the right support at any time of life can be overwhelming. CLBC staff strive to listen, to be respectful and clearly explain our processes, eligibility and what people can expect within available funding. Read here to see CLBC’s organizational Commitment to You.

We want to help you to build a meaningful life

When you or your family member first comes to CLBC, your most pressing question may be about the services you can expect to receive. You might also have bigger concerns. What will make life meaningful as an adult? Perhaps your family member has dreamed of attending college, like his or her siblings? Many of you wonder about finding a job. What about being part of a sports team, or social clubs? Understanding who your family member is, what he or she enjoys and what they want for their life is important to putting in place supports for a good life. To see more about this, read the Welcome and Planning section of this web site.

CLBC connects you to a network of community supports and services

Individuals are more included, and have a better quality of life, when their network of supports includes many things – the love of their family and friends, relationships with neighbours, support from employers, and active participation in community groups and social clubs.

CLBC understands this, and staff can help make connections to your community, as well as provide important services that meet disability-related needs and supplement community supports.

CLBC provides as many services as possible within available funding

CLBC receives funding from the government to provide services to more than 20,000 individuals. It welcomes about 1,000 new eligible individuals for services each year.

Because of this ongoing growth, CLBC has careful processes to assess disability-related needs in an equitable way, to help connect people to effective existing supports, and to fund services to as many families as possible within available funding. These processes are described in the “What services are available”  section and the “How do I get support?” section of this web site.

Other resources

CLBC is always trying to improve. Read more: