Supports & Services for Adults

CLBC funds supports and services to help adults with developmental disabilities and their families achieve their goals and live the life they want. CLBC funded supports are delivered through service agencies and help eligible adults meet their disability related needs and participate in meaningful ways in the community.
CLBC funded supports can include:
  • Helping to find housing options that encourage independence while meeting an individuals’ unique needs
  • Family support
  • Connections with community services to support individuals, families or caregivers
  • Community inclusion supports that focus on employment, social and life skills

This section provides information about the services and supports that CLBC funds, as well as major initiatives. To read CLBC’s Information for Families Sheets, which provide explanation about key policies, programs and initiatives, please click here.

To learn how the privacy of individuals supported by CLBC and their families is protected, please read the CLBC Privacy Guidelines  which are available here.

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