Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities (STADD)

Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities (STADD) offers Navigator services for transitioning youth and their families in 103 communities across B.C. Navigators act a point of contact for individuals in coordinating transition planning and access to supports and services through the transition period of 16-24 years old.

Navigators help organize a youth’s transition planning team and development of a person-centered transition plan. STADD encourages and supports information-sharing between government and community resources, and leads the coordination of all involved.

Once you are deemed eligible for CLBC-services, you can request the services of a STADD Navigator or contact 1-855-356-5609 to self-refer.

To understand more about how a STADD Navigator can help with the transition to adulthood, two videos have been developed, and can be viewed at the links below:

What is the difference between CLBC and STADD?

STADD services cover the youth transition period from 16-24 years old and include a cross-government approach. CLBC provides specific supports to youth transitioning to adulthood, and can be life-long, beginning from age 19.

CLBC is one of the many cross-ministry supports that STADD Navigators help youth and their families connect with. Navigators also help youth and their families connect with other organizations, to see what supports they may be eligible for. Navigators work with the youth and their family to build a plan that is based on their goals, hopes, and aspirations for their future in adulthood.