Individual and Family Stories

Learn more about CLBC supports by reading the stories of people who access them.

​Home Sharing: A safe and welcoming home

Learn more about Home Sharing, a residential support offered by CLBC, by reading Chris’s story of living with Ed and Cynthia.
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Supported living: Two daughters achieve their dream

Paddi and Beryl are mothers and friends whose daughters both lived at home for over 30 years and recently moved into their own apartments.
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​​Individualized Funding: The power of popcorn

Using individualized funding and a family-run project called InclusionWorks!, Asher has found a way to turn his popcorn passion into his own business.
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​​Employment: Taking pride in his work

Mike has been working at Goat Lake Forest Products since September 2016 and says he feels “proud of the work I do.”
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​​Connecting to Community: A parent’s creativity and determination helps build a welcoming community

People recognize twenty-year-old Teaghan Collins everywhere he goes in his community, thanks to a little determination and thinking outside the box, says his mom, Pam.
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​​​Planning: Teresa is celebrated by her new community

Teresa Pocock and her sister Franke James worked on a plan for Teresa’s life that included activities in the community based on her interests.
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