Help Your Community Create Inclusive Housing

Every community benefits from inclusive housing. It’s simply housing that is affordable, close to community amenities, physically accessible and most importantly welcoming of people of all abilities, including those with developmental disabilities.

Housing that includes individuals with diverse abilities rather than segregating them fosters a sense of belonging and builds meaningful relationships with people who represent the diversity of the broader community.

Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing facility, or planning a new one for your town, your project will be more successful if it is inclusive. More people are asking for it, and they will stay longer once you build it. It strengthens the quality of community life. And there is private and public funding to support it.

CLBC wants to foster partnerships in the housing, community living, and broader public sectors to create more accessible and affordable housing. It’s part of our vision of good lives in welcoming communities for people with developmental disabilities.

This is your go-to place for ideas and collaboration that can lead to more inclusive housing for our communities and for people with developmental disabilities.

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Who do I contact?

To start the conversation about how you can get involved in inclusive housing, contact your local CLBC office to speak to the Director of Regional Operations or Manager.