WOW!clbc Recognition Awards

WOW! means Widening Our World. Every year, Community Living BC’s WOW! Recognition Awards celebrate a different way of making people feel included. This year, we are celebrating employers who believe in and support employment for adults with developmental disabilities. We also call this inclusive employment.

There will be three WOW!clbc Awards given across B.C. and nominations start in October 2014. Award recipients will receive their award in their home town in January/February 2015.

We’re asking all British Columbians who would like to recognize an inclusive employer who helps to build workplaces where adults with developmental disabilities feel welcome, valued and respected, to submit a nomination.

Click here to complete the Online WOW!clbc Nomination Form by November 30, 2014

To learn more about the nomination and awards process, please read the questions and answers below:

Who can I nominate?

Nominate an employer who:

  • creates opportunities for employees with developmental disabilities
  • sees the skills of an employee and does not let an individual’s disability become a barrier to success in the workplace
  • listens to the ideas of the employee and wants them to be successful
  • believes that everyone who wants to work has a right to be employed
  • makes everyone feels safe and welcome at their job

How do I nominate someone?

You can fill out the nomination form online by clicking here.

Or you can click here to download and print the hardcopy nomination form. Once you have completed the hardcopy form, you can:

  • Give it to your local CLBC office; or
  • Give it to your local service provider; 0r
  • Fax it to 250-712-5426; 0r
  • Mail it to: CLBC Suite 140 – 1060 Manhattan Drive, Kelowna, BC V1Y9X9

When do I have to send my nomination in?

You can send in your nomination from October 14 to November 30, 2014.

The nomination deadline is: November 30th at 5:00 pm.

When will people be selected?

People receiving an award and the person who nominated them will be contacted in December 2014. A committee of people from across the province will look at all the nominations to make decisions about who will receive an Award. Please note that not everyone who is nominated will get an Award.

How will people get their awards?

Each person who gets an Award and the person who nominated them will be invited to a local community event to receive their award. Family and friends of the honouree and nominator will be invited.


Please email:

WOW! Awards Rules:

  • All nominations must be completed on the official online or hardcopy nomination form by: Sunday, November 30 at 5:00pm.
  • Telephone, email and mailing address information is requested in case the Selection Committee needs additional information and to contact winners and their nominees.
  • We will publish all winners’ and their nominees’ names, photos and stories on CLBC’s webpage and social media sites.
  • Event photos may be used in future CLBC materials.
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